Some people never fucking change.
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Someone give me the cons to buying new Christian Louboutin heels. Besides them being expensive.

Are there any? Lol.

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V-Day. ❤️💗
Goodnight. 😴

Healing tattoo itch is the worst.

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Just laying in bed, drinking a beer, with my dogs, listening to music, and online shopping.
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Love this print and this dress. 

Playing dress up & fell in love all over again with Nairobi || Black Milk Clothing.
There’s just something about the smell of a fresh Christmas tree carrying the scent throughout your house.

I love it. 🎄🎄

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Getting my thigh done today.

My boyfriend filmed the action. I think my booty cheek looks pretty good. Haha.

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I went to breakfast this morning and this lady was wearing a Christmas sweater.

It’s November 3rd!!!!!! Wtf is wrong with you.

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Lol. She’s pissed.
Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.   #blackmilk #blackmilkclothing #bmsuicideofmorozumidress #selfiesaturday #myself #personal #selfie #love
How do people still not know the difference between “there, their & they’re?” Ugh.

So annoying.

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